From my heart to yours.

(I still do this)

I grew up in a home where anyone and everyone was welcome for dinner, and life’s most important moments happened while I was eating a grilled cheese pita sandwich with watermelon.

My mom cooks elaborate meals in 4 inch heels. Talk about a BOSS.

Raised in sunny Tucson, Arizona by Lebanese parents, I developed a deep appreciation for the kinds of cuisine that could only be produced by generations of tradition. While my mother grew up watching and cooking alongside my grandmother, I was lucky enough to learn from my mother’s cookbook (and some urgent phone calls to her when pots started to boil over). 

Fast forward to 2018 - I moved to Chicago and started Elby to keep those traditions alive. I’ve been working to create a product and brand that I hope you will fall in love with.

So pull up a chair, and invite your friends. Welcome to the dinner table. In the words of my mother,

“Sahtein! Bon Appetit! Enjoy!”

-Nadine Merheb
Founder, Baker, Designer, Accountant,… (It’s still a one-woman show)